*267 Jovana

I always wonder if there ever comes a time when I decide: ‘OK, now that’s the style I will stick to for the rest of my life’. What will that style be and how will I pick it? What kind of criteria does this style have to satisfy? When I was a kid I remember … Continue Reading

*260 Jovana

Still halten (Holding still) – that’s not Jovana’s thing. Constantly in motion, if not physically than at least mentally. A restless mind, keen on changes and challenges. She questions gender clichés relentlessly with every artform that she choses as a tool. And there are many thereof. Short films, video clips, writing and not to forget … Continue Reading

*251 Jovana

First post in 2017. Happy New Year, dear friends. New year, new chance, new resolutions, new colours. Why not start the year with something as simple and ordinary as a new haircolour? All the rest will follow. It might transform you into the new self you are aiming to be in 2017. Go from brown … Continue Reading

*248 Jovana

Let me introduce Jovana. Brandnew member of the APS community. Like all my other models she was carefully observed and chosen. What I like about her in terms of fashion is that she is not overeager to please (and that she is wearing this awesome bob). She has a vision of herself and she is … Continue Reading