*114 Susanne

Susanne is sort of a new-age hippie. She is not attracted to any kind of status symbols, doesn’t care about labels, likes to improvise and reuse, loves to knit and crochet and is a traveling, free spirit. Visually though she doesn’t fulfill the stereotypical expectations at all – way to stylish and edgy. You have … Continue Reading

*105 Susanne

Going to extremes is exciting – in real life and in fashion. It always involves a risk, in fashion it’s the risk of looking ridiculous. But let’s face it: Staying within the conventional patterns might be safe and easy, but going beyond is so much more fun. Take Isabella Blow or Anna Piaggi, much admired … Continue Reading

*95 Susanne

There are things that you are serious and professional and passionate about and there are things that you just love and don’t get tired of doing, although you are far from being a professional. It’s called ‘a hobby’ and you have the freedom to explore, try out new things, play around and to fail. Susanne … Continue Reading

*90 Susanne

How could women ever survive without leggings? How could we ever let go of them when the 80s had passed? OK, they weren’t so perfect back then, either shiny and heavily printed or baggy 100% cotton ones (in pre-lycra times). But they had vanished for nearly 20 years until they finally came back to stay. … Continue Reading

*74 Susanne

T-shirt, leggings, cardigan, sneakers, tote bag – sounds like a ‘just-heading-to-pilates-class’ – kind of outfit. Two little orange buttons make the difference though. And when those little orange buttons correspond with a lobster colored pair of leggings buttoned along the calves , the sneakers have a subtle 90s platform sole and your tote back is … Continue Reading

*67 Susanne

Springtime has arrived the moment Susanne comes strolling around the corner. Isn’t it beautiful that you can greet a season by the way you dress yourself? All those pretty pastel shades, the soft flowers on her sweater, even her watch they all sing a lovely song to celebrate springtime! I am getting carried away. But … Continue Reading

*62 Susanne

Every person has got a favorite silhouette. Depending on their physique and their respective preferences they usually choose their outline instictively. Some like to be an ‘A’ – accent on a narrow upper body increasing in volume on the way down. A long, tall ‘I’ is very popular, slim from head to toe, tends to … Continue Reading

*55 Susanne

I see Susanne before I really see her. A little pink spot in front of the all-grey facade of  the museum – that’s unmistakably Susanne. The moment I see her standing there I get flashbacks of an old 50s movie, a romantic winter comedy with Doris Day and I half expect to see a pair … Continue Reading

*49 Susanne

Susanne knitted a sculpture. With her self-made ‘Strickliesl‘ she created a piece of art. Wearing a scarf like this you don’t really have to care about the rest of your outfit. That’s fashion and craftsmanship at it’s most beautiful – interesting, eye-catching, inspiring, useful. Like long tentacles the scarf wraps itself around her shoulders and … Continue Reading

*43 Susanne

I can read Susanne’s clothes. More than any of my other models she lets me see how she feels by the way she dresses. It’s a language and a signal to the world, inviting or protecting. We meet at the river Isar and Susanne is dressed all in black. Basically, all you can see is … Continue Reading

*35 Susanne

What’s so special about Susanne? Is it her white blueish hair? Or maybe it’s the huge (and often handmade) scarves that she uses to accentuate her silhouette and sometimes also to hide from the world. Or is it her special feeling for color combinations?  Maybe it is her kind and discreet personality in contrast to … Continue Reading

*29 Susanne

Susanne recognizes potential. viagra pharmacy2u That’s why she is such an excellent ‘fleamarket-hunter’. She knows what suits her, has a very vivid imagination and a very good eye for colors or non-colors as seen in this almost monochrome outfit. All those  grey, black and white tones could easily seem dull and boring, but by ‘color-bracketing’ … Continue Reading