*130 Corey

On our trip to Istanbul we know three things for sure: We HAVE to go to the Grand Bazaar, we HAVE to visit a Hamam and we HAVE to see the Blue Mosque. Hundreds of shopping bags and a head-to-toe body scrub later Grand Bazaar and Hamam are off the list so finally we head … Continue Reading

*122 Corey

It’s the first of February and I hereby declare winter to be over. No more woollen stockings No more mud colors. That’s why I chose Corey to be my ‘let’s welcome springtime!’- girl. Though the picture was taken in Paris on a warm September afternoon it is the perfect spring picture to lift up my … Continue Reading

*117 Corey – HAPPY NEW YEAR

If you are in a hurry on new year’s eve? Wear black and white, some serious jewellery, a killer handbag and a big smile (fantastic footwear is taken as a given). That’s it, whatever you’ll wear you will look gorgeous. If you happen to be a man? Same, no handbag, tone down the jewellery. Happy … Continue Reading

*112 Corey

Paris/Istanbul Diary: It’s the evening of our first day in Istanbul, we are at the ‘Golden Horn‘ and we are both overwhelmed by the beauty (and the warm climate) of this vibrant, exciting, exotic and so welcoming city. I do not want to talk about sightseeing in Istanbul – this is still a blog about … Continue Reading

*108 Corey

Paris/Istanbul Diary: Do not confuse personal style with wearing the same sort of stuff over and over again. Some people stick to the same color palette/silhouette/hairdo…etc…for decades and create a certain ‘signature look’. I like a signature look, like Karl Lagerfeld’s or Anna Wintour’s, but to me true personal style is something different. It ‘s … Continue Reading

*104 Corey

Paris/Istanbul Diary: It’s the first time we don’t stay in a hotel in Paris. We have a ‘résidence’ this time – a flat. We feel a little bit like ‘locals’. You go to the patisserie on the corner in the morning to get croissants (they had the butteriest croissants I have EVER had in my … Continue Reading

*101 Corey

Paris/Istanbul Diary: It’s Fabric Show in Paris and that’s where I meet Corey, as usual. Corey goes all classic – we are in Paris after all and Paris is the capital of classic chic. Classic can be very boring, it means a look that’s well tested and approved, a look that’s not flashy or extreme … Continue Reading

*79 Corey

This picture was taken in L.A. where Corey lives. I wish I could say that I took that picture because that would mean that I must have been there – but unfortunately I was not. Usually I take all my models’ pictures myself, but for once I made an exception because : 1. L.A. is … Continue Reading

*61 Corey

London/Day 9: It’s the last day of our trip to Paris and London – we’re heading home tomorrow. We’ve bought enough shoes, browsed enough fleamarkets and and visited enough shops….hold on, something is missing….culture! Must have slipped our minds during the shopping frenzy, so immediately we set out for Saatchi Gallery which is close to … Continue Reading

*52 Corey

London/Night 8: After a long, exhausting, yet inspiring day of shopping in London we’ve seen most of our favorites like Liberty and Dover Street Market and head straight to sketch for food. Strange place, strange interior, strange food. So far I had only been to the cute Tea-Room – and maybe it’s better to stick … Continue Reading

*45 Corey

London/Night 7: How to dress for a fab night out? A little bit of drama is neccesary, a hint of eccentricity, NOT practical (but not entirely uncomfortable either), a little chic, a little sexy, a little colour, a dash of gold – et voilà: a perfect outfit for having your picture taken in the badly … Continue Reading

*40 Corey

London/Day 7: First day in London. viagra pharmacy2u It’s a Friday and Friday means Portobello Market. It’s a lovely day and London is as beautiful as it can get. It lives up to all our expectations and meets all the clichés in the best way possible. Red double-deckers are humming along, cute little cats are … Continue Reading