*41 Shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you really need? Asked a thousand times before this question is never an easy one to answer. Most certainly the answer always depends on who you ask. Is it a man or a woman? Is it a ‘fashion-person’ or not? Does a certain indomitable need for shoes run in … Continue Reading

*40 Corey

London/Day 7: First day in London. viagra pharmacy2u It’s a Friday and Friday means Portobello Market. It’s a lovely day and London is as beautiful as it can get. It lives up to all our expectations and meets all the clichés in the best way possible. Red double-deckers are humming along, cute little cats are … Continue Reading

*37 Corey

Paris / Day 6: Today we are leaving for London but before we head to the train station we have some very last minute errands to run: Corey buys a last pair of absolutely neccessary shoes and we pay a short visit to the fabulous Hermès store – and are not dissapointed.  Great architecture and … Continue Reading

*34 Corey

Paris/Day 5: It’s our last day in Paris – tomorrow we are on our way to London – and one last time we are heading to the fabric show. Corey blends perfectly into the parisian street picture and almost looks like a typical’Parisienne’ on her way to the greengrocers. A very classic and quite elegant … Continue Reading

*32 Corey

Paris/Night 4: While strolling back to our hotel from our faboulous dinner with Dodo we pass by the recently opened brandnew Hermès Flagship store, where this picture is taken. Glancing through the beautiful window displays we just fantasize about what it must look like inside. At the end of the long entrance area we can … Continue Reading