When I think of a velvet suit I usually think of little boys at their first communion or of a Marc Bolan sort of ’70s Glam Rock’ guy – but never do I think of a 70 year old bar owner who couldn’t care less and combines the suit with a white polo shirt. Throwing together dark velvet as the most wintery and festive of all fabrics, and a white cotton piqué representing summery outdoor activities is indeed daring and could easily be seen as a fatal fashion faux pas. Charles Schumann however is a man who is so sure of what he likes and what he stands for that you don’t doubt for a second that in terms of style this guy knows exactly what he is doing. Add a healthy dose of nonchalance and a cup of coffee and the man and his look are hard to beat. And, by the way, I have seen him on a football field as well and rarely have I seen a more stylish yet non pretentious sportsman in my life.

A big ‘thank you’ to Frank who shot this portrait at Schumann’s bar in Munich.

@Frank Bauer

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