”This doesn’t fit together’ I sometimes think – and then he puts it on and suddenly it looks fabulous..’. That’s what Timmy’s mom tells me about her son’s way of dressing last time I see her. Throwing together different colors, patterns and textures, mixing men’s and women’s clothes can go horribly wrong and can make you look like carnival (best case) or a homeless person (worst case). The art of mixing and matching is a tough one to master. Timmy is definitely a pro at it – putting together an old women’s herringbone coat, a zig-zag sweater and a plaid shirt, polka dot socks and a harlequin hat needs a good fashion eye, otherwise….see above. If you find a lush green bed of moss to stand on or a matching garden fence it can’t hurt either.

Timmy wears an old H+M coat from his mum, Miu Miu pants, sweater by Bel Air, shirt by Promod, boots by Zara, socks and hat by H+M.


©Julia Richter

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