This is Timmy after ‘The Voice Kids‘. He didn’t win the final but for sure he won many many hearts and he was definitely head and shoulders above the rest when it came to style.He is different and I love it. The fact that he is only 14 makes me appreciate it even more. It takes guts to be different, to be looked at. Especially when you are a teenager that’s not always easy and might also attract unwanted attention, sometimes even aggression. People who don’t fit in make us rethink our own position. We compare ourselves and the result might not always be in our favour. Most of us go with the flow – maybe because we like to be part of something or we simply don’t dare to stick out. It’s totally fine not to dare, but let us accept the people who do, appreciate them, maybe even get a little inspired by them. Thank you, Timmy.

Timmy wears second hand sweater from Kleidermarkt, black customized pants by S. Oliver, denim shirt by Only, bllue suede shoes by Ann Christine, leather bag from ebay and a hat by Tique.


©Julia Richter

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