We change. Every single one of us changes every single day of his life. You don’t notice from one day to another. The transformation sneaks up on you. It’s called ‘growing older’. Middle-aged peolple tend to think they have an exclusive right on being worried about getting older, they think being young is a complete bliss, a walk through the garden of carelessness. But think back, try to remember how it felt when you were a teenager, how much there actually was to worry about. Not in grown-up world, but in your world. All those insecurities, a body that changes, peaking into a grown-up world and not knowing where your place is, what to expect and how to act. That’s scary on a different scale. But the good news is – as long as we are changing, there is something new to come, something that might surprise us, something that might even be better than what we had before.

Timmy wears a linen-shirt by H+M, pants from Kleidermarkt – Made in Berlin, a leather jacket from a theatre storeroom, the velvet bow tie is his dad’s confirmation bow tie, the boots were a birthday present from Lena.


©Julia Richter

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