Quite honestly – I didn’t think this picture would happen. The previous evening had been long, boozy and very pleasant (we hadn’t seen each other in a while), but Feli and Joel had promised me anyway to get the chance to take a family portrait the next morning before the boys would be off to school. They overslept. All of them. ‘There goes my picture..’ I thought, not wanting to be in the way when a family is getting ready in the morning at full speed. Imagine my suprise when Feli (empty porridge bowl in one hand) all of a sudden turns around and asks me: ‘So where should we do it?’ We had around 3 minutes, we were in the living room, so I said ‘just sit down here – and get Fluffy please’, being well aware that another precious minute would pass by getting the family rabbit out from his hutch.
That’s how this picture was taken.
What really amazes me though (apart from being able to get ready so fast) is how beautifully the colours of their clothes corresponded. I am sure they didn’t plan on a certain colour scheme beforehand, but still they looked as if someone had told them:’Today you will stay within a blue colour range – just add a bit of red, green and mustard.’ They even match the living room colours! Maybe it’s a coincidence. But I rather believe it’s because as artists they have a very special and instinctive sensibility for colours and, most of all, because they are a very special, harmonizing family.
(And they have a very special rabbit, who probably believes she is human)


©Julia Richter

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