First day in Barcelona, the day of my birthday. We took those fancy pictures in the hallway and the elevator of our fancy hotel right before we went out to have dinner in a fancy barcelonian restaurant. Too much ‘fancy’ for your taste? I understand, but ‘fancy’ doesn’t have to mean just trendy and overpriced.’Fancy’ also means ‘extravagant’,’inventive’ or even ‘glamourous’. Dressing up for a ‘fancy night out’ to me is picking something fashionable-elegant and breaking it up with a bit of ‘rock chick’, ‘vintage queen’ or ‘crazy art gallery lady’ (just to avoid looking too much Victoria-Beckham-kind-of-chic). A ‘fancy’ restaurant can be something with designer furniture, model waitresses and horrendous prices or a place that looks interesting, tastes amazing, offers a friendly service and lets you forget about the bill. Regarding hotels….just look at the hallway of our hotel, the vintage doors, the beautiful tiles….they also had a lovely roof-terrace and a huge italian coffee machine, so in the morning you could slip down the hall in your pyjamas to make yourself a nice first cup of coffee. That’s very fancy to me.

I am wearing a silk jumpsuit by Velvet, a blazer by Promod, a necklace from Mango and shoes and bracelets from a fleamarket.
The hotel is the Praktik Rambla in Barcelona (and I didn’t get paid to write about them – it’s just a very nice hotel).
Thank you, Frank, for taking those beautiful pictures.


©Frank Bauer

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Ein Seiden-Overall von Velvet – das hat mich jetzt grinsen lassen – und fantasieren, ob es auch eine Marke namens “Silk” gibt, die Samtoveralls herstellt?

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