For quite a long time flower prints were predominantely seen on cruises, in bingo halls or around retirement homes. They were said to make their wearer look happy, youthful and lively , their main job was to divert the eye from possible problem areas, and they led their bloomy existances mostly on roomy blouses and dresses. Thank god those times are over and flower prints did make their way back into pre-pensioner-fashion some years ago – away from the shop windows where garments miraculously seemed to fly through the air on invisible nylon strings (although I do miss those windows every once in a while..). A beautiful colourful flower print is a statement and you have to be bold to wear it. It draws attention in a very positive way, makes you look happy, youthful and lively….. that’s why you should take good care of those cherished pieces, who knows, one day you might need them on a cruise.

Susanne wears a customized vintage skirt, shoes by Bon’a parte, earrings by Bijou Brigitte and a necklace from her grandfather.


©Julia Richter

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