Finding your own voice is not easy. You can become a writer or a photographer to express your view of the world. As a painter or an actor you can show people what’s inside of you. A very distinctive fashion style also tells quite a bit about yourself. Or you can sing. Finding ‘his voice’ was Tim’s mission from childhood on and he persued this ambition with great determination. He trained his voice, sang in choirs for years, performed in a casting show (‘The Voice Kids’) and got recognition for singing other people’s songs (and for his extraordinary style). That’s quite something. But it still doesn’t feel at all like ‘finding your own voice’, does it? It’s been a while since those casting-show-days and Tim has changed. His style is more mature, his features are more defined, his voice has a new timbre. And he did take the next step, found his own music and his own words. He became ‘Tim Acid‘ and his first song ‘Silver Linings’ just came out. I am sure we will hear much more of him.

Tim wears leather jacket from Kleidermarkt, pants by Def Shop, jumper by Asos, a denim shirt from his grandfather, a necklace by Zara, sunglasses by American Apparel, a clutch by Brandy Neville and Doc Martens.


©Julia Richter

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