An oversized double-breasted Blazer is all you need this fall. Seriously. Whatever you want to wear – wear it with a double-breasted blazer. Tight pants, loose pants, mini, maxi, midi skirts, leggings, it all works. It makes sloppy clothes look more dressy and dressy clothes cool. It stands for luxury and affluence. If you can afford to use your fabric in such a lavishly manner – DOUBLE layer of fabric in the front – you must have made it big. And even if you haven’t, at least you have a warmer belly.

Susanne wears a vintage, double-breasted Blazer,a sweater from her grandmother, leggings by DKNY Jeans, chelsea boots by Vagabond and glasses by Andy Wolf.
She stands in front of a part of Jonas Liveröd’s artwork ‘Le origin du monde (inverted)’ (on display at Lothringer 13 gallery til Oct 12th 2014)


©Julia Richter

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