When does a child turn into an adolescent? When it turns 13 and becomes a ‘teenager’? When the body starts showing changes? Thinking back I can petty much put my finger on the point when I started feeling different. It didn’t have anything to do with my physical development (I was a late bloomer anyway) it was a change of spirit and I was in 6th grade (meaning between the age of 11 and 12). I started buying and sewing my own clothes, putting effort into styling my hair. I babysat my neighbour’s kids and walked their dogs to earn a little extra pocket money to buy cool clothes. I went to my first school party putting kohl under my eyes and got in trouble for the first time with my dad for not being home in time. That sounds a bit superficial, reduced to appearance and entertainment, but it marked the time when I started to become my own person and discover individuality.
When Olivia said that she wanted to dress up as a punk for her carneval party at school – I knew something new had started. And I am excited to watch the journey.

Olivia wears a T-shirt with safety pins by her mum, jewellery and belts by her mum and pants by H+M.


©Julia Richter

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