Moving away from your hometown, your family and your old friends bears great possibilities.
It gives you the chance to reinvent yourself. Have a fresh start.
Being at home is great – your family is there, you have your old pals gathered around you, some of them have been with you since kindergarden. They know where you come from, know your ups and downs, have been through a lot with you you, so they pretty much know what makes you tick. But there are times when you don’t want to be the person you’ve always been. You want to try out something new and see how it works. Maybe you are tired of your old name and want to be called ‘Priscilla’ from now on – why not? Just move to a different city and introduce yourself as ‘Priscilla’ and nobody will question you (your friends would). Be a more daring person, try out pole dancing, change your style. People will know you as as a slightly excentric person with an exotic hobby, but nobody will be irritated (your frinds would be). I tried it out, so I know (not pole dancing though). When you go back home after a while your friends will be a bit confused to see that new you, they might make fun of you, but by that time you probably got so used to your new self that it doesn’t bother you anymore. And they’ll get used to it eventually.
Susanne went away to study art – and she has changed. She was searching for something new and it looks like she has found it. She plays in a band now. Her hair is longer. I’ve never seen her in proper pants with front zipper before.

Susanne wears corduroy pants and blouse from Humana charity shop, boots from her grandmother and glasses by Andy Wolf


©Julia Richter

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