Dare to be glamourous! It’s so worth it. Going out on a regular old day looking like a movie star will definitely brighten up your day. And not only yours. When I say ‘movie star’ I am talking about the glam days (not the sweat pants/ beanies/ coffe-cup actors – nothing wrong with it, just boooring). I am talking about red lipstick, silk and a turban! Lizzie Taylor style! Man, where are those days…? Some might say it’s a relief that we don’t HAVE to follow those strict fashion rules anymore, we have the freedom to wear whatever we feel like wearing. Is that so? That same freedom sometimes seems more like an excuse for not making an effort. Like something that’s covering up our inability for making a statement. I challenge you – make an effort. You’ll see it will make a difference. To you and to the people around you. And to me, if I run into you. You’ll definitely brighten up my day.

Corey wears a dress by Suno, a Kimono Blazer by This is Corey, a vintage turban, shoes by Les prairies de Paris, necklace by YSL and bag by Rick Owens.


©Julia Richter

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