First post! New category! ‘Re-tail therapy’ is now to start, a category that sort of threw itself onto me. I love beautiful things, things with a history and things that make sense. Sometimes I also like things that don’t really make sense, just because they are beautiful. I love fleamarkets and bargains (I’m a treasure hunter, I admit it). I also like nature and people. What I really despise is waste of any kind. With ‘Re-tail therapy’ I want to prove that good things don’t nessecarily have to be expensive and environmental conciousness can be real fun.
Best example for successful recycling is our dog Sunny, a real sunshine. He is a third-hand-dog, a real bargain and makes us super-happy. He doesn’t like waste (never leaves leftovers, eats ours as well), doesn’t need cutlery or napkin and sleeps well on his fleamarket carpet. He saves us home exercise equipment and we could even knit a few jumpers from all the hair he looses (if we were really determined to prove something).Sunny is a Golden Shepherd or Ausralian Retriever, the result of a brief airfield encounter between a Golden Retriever Lady and a speedy Australian Shepherd gentleman.

I am wearing a vintage Versace denim shirt from a fleamarket, at least 10 year old men’s G-star jeans, at least 20 year old Supergas from my mum and bracelets from fleamarkets in Paris, Munich and London.
Thank you, dear Frank, for ths lovely portrait of Sunny and me.


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