I love cosmetics – I know they will not make me more beautiful/young/desirable, but they will make me FEEL like I was. That psycological effect is enough for me to fill my shelfs with tons of beautiful bottles and jars. I do like natural skincare though – first of all my skin is sensitive to chemical ingredients and fragrances and second, it just feels good (there we go again). Unfortunately a lot of the stuff that I have on my shelves is wrapped in plastic. I am really trying hard to buy as little plastic as I can and here I am with all my plastic shampoos/ conditioners/ bodylotions. So I sat down and examined what I could get rid of. Phew – not easy. In fall/winter I mix my own skin oil, so I do not need body lotion, in summer I use sunscreen though….I haven’t found any sunscreen in a glass bottle or a refillable one yet. I also do want to have a choice, not just pick something because of it’s packaging. I am a modern consumer, for gods sake! Back to the bathroom – my eyes wandered over my shelves and got stuck at a plastic container of Weleda sea buckthorn shower creme (love the smell!) and I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Why not use a bar of soap instead? I use soap bars to wash my hands anyway, stopped the liquid soap a while ago. Over decades of my life I got so used to the handiness of shower gels, that I just didn’t question it anymore. But from now on it will be soap bars! And, surprising as it may sound – I am happy with it. They are natural, some of them have just minimal or no packaging or they are wrapped in beautifully designed paper – and there is such a huge variety of natural fragrances! My favourite at the moment is a vetiver soap by ‘savon du midi’. Wrapped in just a tiny paper banderole it carries the smell of Paris into my bathroom. Vetiver is a peculiar smell that you don’t find often in Germany, but it’s quite popular in France. So I shower myself in beautiful memories every morning. What more could I ask for? Oh yes, of course, it keeps me clean and it lasts forever so I save money AND a plastic bottle. Imagine if we ALL used soap instead of shower gel….just count the bottles.
P.S. The journey will bw continued– I bought a bar of hairsoap, which was quite pricey but smells delicious. I am a sucker for fancy hair products but I will try this out. And keep you updated.

3 square bars of soap by Savonnierie du Midi, round Honey soap by Speick, the palmtree soap ‘Fico d’India’ is by Ortegia and the leopard soap ‘Chic Animalier’ is by Nesti Dante.



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