What are clothes good for? Covering your nakedness. Keeping you warm, sure. Protecting you? Attracting other people? Keeping them off? Accentuating your best physical features? Enhancing your personality? Creating a new one? Maybe all of the above is accurate. Or none (except of the covering part). ‘You should buy clothes because of how they make you feel, not of how they make you look’. That’s a quote by Rei Kuwakubo, famous creatoresse of ‘Comme des Garçons‘, inventoresse of ‘Ragged Chic’ long before Grunge. She challenged the traditional ideas of feminitiy from the 60s/70s on and refused to satisfy the demand for sexualized clothing ever since. Call me crazy but I still like the idea of dressing for youself. Being a self-contained woman, independed of male or social appreciation. Nothing wrong with dressing FOR somebody or for a special occasion, that’s fun, but every once in a while it’s just good to find out what YOU really feel good in. Without consulting a mirror or another person. That’s independence. Female power. Something we need more than ever.

Corey was photographed at the Rose Bowl fleamarket in L.A. and wears a dress by Comme des Garçons.


coreylynncalter250-1©Julia Richter

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I could not agree more! Everyone has their own sense of fashion. I only dress for myself and not for someone else. 🙂

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