First post in 2017. Happy New Year, dear friends. New year, new chance, new resolutions, new colours. Why not start the year with something as simple and ordinary as a new haircolour? All the rest will follow. It might transform you into the new self you are aiming to be in 2017. Go from brown to blond and experience the magnetism that even the most artificial looking shade of blonde generates (especially amongst our male fellows). Go from blonde to brown and shake off that exact stigma! Or go from light blonde (ahhhh!) to blazing red (wooaah!). Like Jovana did. From angel to witch with a few chemicals. Your life might transform far beyond all your prissy new year’s resolutions into something you didn’t even know you wanted. Push yourself just a tiny bit until you fall off the cliff and then …spread your wings and fly….. (man, that feels good, I always wanted to use that term somewhere and now it’s done. New year’s resolution #1 ticked off the list. ‘Give your emotions free rein’. That’s what my fortune cookie said. Done it. Now I just have to pick a new hair colour…)

Jovana wears vintage suede dress from Damen-Herrenabteilung, tights by Calzedonia and shoes by Doc Martens.


jovana_abraham251.1jovana_abraham251.2©Julia Richter

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