Black leather triggers associations. What kind of association depends on your history, the level of uptightness, the region you come from and various other facts that define your character and the phantasies you develop. While someone from a more rural area thinks of macho motorcycle clubs or beer-soaked Heavy Metal Discos, the suburban mind might wander off to a dark torture room in the basement of a neat middle-class house with a bed of tulips in the front yard. Suppressed phantasies erupting in a black skin-tight leather catsuit with matching headmask and wip. Black leather is domination. Male or female. It is dark, mysterious and slightly brutal, with a smell of danger and sex lingering upon it. But hold on. That can’t be it. There has to be a more sophisticated version of black leather. Of course there is. As with all objects loaded with preconceptions it’s refreshing to break up the cliché and match it with the unexpected. Like a rigid men’s military jacket matched with a floaty millefleur skirt, Doc Martens and a slip dress or….a golden turtleneck sweater worn with an innocent looking girl’s pinafore dress made out of black leather. There you go.

Dodo wears a vintage black leather dress, a jumper by Chanel and boots by Unützer.


dorothee_loermann-254.1©Julia Richter

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