*272 Racism

Olivia and her sister Eleni are almost 15 and 17. They go to the same school. In this school, at least half of the children have a migration background of any kind. The class list reads very international. They are friends with children whose parents come from India, South Korea, China, Poland or Bavaria. Neither … Continue Reading

*271 Changes

Things are changing. Cuddly kids turn into recalcitrant teenagers, teenagers turn into political activists, politicians turn into parodies of themselves. Innocence turns into bewilderment. Trust into blame. Who’s to blame? It doesn’t really matter. Blame is passive, it’s stuck in the past and the only thing it creates is defense, so it’s a waste of … Continue Reading

*265 Dodo or What’s wrong with black latex?

Let’s talk about black Latex. Or better. Write down the first thing that crosses your mind when I say ‘Latex’. OK. I think, I don’t want to know. What I see when I think about this shiniest of all fashion materials is the challenge. The challenge of not meeting the expectations and of not making … Continue Reading

*257 On Death

I am blessed. My cousin has died. And I had the chance say good-bye for 23 month. She was diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor and passed away three month ago. Actually I don’t know when she really left us since the tumor slowly took over more and more of her and what was left … Continue Reading

*Used and Unique – Camel Coat

It was in Paris. I was with my friend Dodo and we sat outside a very French, very traditional bistro enjoying the last bit of autumn sun – when this woman walked in. We both turned our heads, conversation stalling. She was not a celebrity nor was she particularly beautiful (in fact, I can’t really … Continue Reading


Have a happy, scary Halloween. And watch out for the Vampire lady…. Julia wears vintage dress, scarf, gloves and jewellery. The axe is a family heirloom. Thank you, Frank-enstein for taking those spooky pictures. ©FrankBauer

*Barb’s World #1

Sally: ‘Is this Pucci?’ Barb: ‘No, it’s Oxfam.’ ©JuliaRichter

*235 Julia

Let’s talk about food. But first about clothes. You know why I am dressed up like this on the lake Tegernsee shore? All late 70s glam, tinted sunglasses? Because I am about to do something truly glamourous and luxurious. I am going to have a Haute Cuisine lunch. We’re talking about the real thing. ***. … Continue Reading

*230 Julia – Happy New Year 2016!

Another good reason to dress up. HAPPY AND PEACEFUL YEAR 2016 TO ALL OF YOU. ©Julia Richter

*229 Joerg – Merry Christmas

I am mainstream. I am like Millions of other people. I like Christmas. But I am surrounded by Christmas critics, who despise the collective mulled wine daze and the whole world being all tinsel and glitter. I do understand them and I partly agree – but I still cannot fully accept it. What’s wrong with … Continue Reading

*191 Susanne

An oversized double-breasted Blazer is all you need this fall. Seriously. Whatever you want to wear – wear it with a double-breasted blazer. Tight pants, loose pants, mini, maxi, midi skirts, leggings, it all works. It makes sloppy clothes look more dressy and dressy clothes cool. It stands for luxury and affluence. If you can … Continue Reading

*172 Susanne

Come on, admit it, it’s pretty cool to wear silver leggings on a bright and sunny day. On the first warm and sunny day of March, when the whole world is trying to absorb as much sunlight as possible, Susanne is giving back the light, reflecting the sunlight. From head to toe. Silver hair, reflecting … Continue Reading