*191 Susanne

An oversized double-breasted Blazer is all you need this fall. Seriously. Whatever you want to wear – wear it with a double-breasted blazer. Tight pants, loose pants, mini, maxi, midi skirts, leggings, it all works. It makes sloppy clothes look more dressy and dressy clothes cool. It stands for luxury and affluence. If you can … Continue Reading

*172 Susanne

Come on, admit it, it’s pretty cool to wear silver leggings on a bright and sunny day. On the first warm and sunny day of March, when the whole world is trying to absorb as much sunlight as possible, Susanne is giving back the light, reflecting the sunlight. From head to toe. Silver hair, reflecting … Continue Reading

*117 Corey – HAPPY NEW YEAR

If you are in a hurry on new year’s eve? Wear black and white, some serious jewellery, a killer handbag and a big smile (fantastic footwear is taken as a given). That’s it, whatever you’ll wear you will look gorgeous. If you happen to be a man? Same, no handbag, tone down the jewellery. Happy … Continue Reading

*96 Joerg

Sometimes a simple sweater tells you more about the character of its wearer than a long conversation. Take a good look at this black sweater with the cat illustration and you’ll find out a lot about Joerg: first of all it’s well made and well designed (made by Ayzit Bostan, fashion designer, artist), it’s artsy … Continue Reading

*95 Susanne

There are things that you are serious and professional and passionate about and there are things that you just love and don’t get tired of doing, although you are far from being a professional. It’s called ‘a hobby’ and you have the freedom to explore, try out new things, play around and to fail. Susanne … Continue Reading

*94 Brigitta und Clara

I didn’t know that they were mother and daughter. I came across them seperately, not knowing they were related in any way. Clara was my student for one year so I saw her regularly and came to appreciate her very individual way of dressing, a sort of cheeky mix of vintage/contemporary/punk-meets-rockabilly-style, tough and playful at … Continue Reading

*93 Bernd

After returning from my summer vacation I am pleasantly surprised by a call from Bernd telling me that he will come to see me. Bernd is a real tweed and leather man so I am quite curious to see him on a warm August day when tweed is definitely no option. Under the arcades of … Continue Reading

*84 Joerg

It’s summertime – finally – and men are having a hard time. When it comes to dressing up for a hot summer day they have a pretty limited selection of styles to choose from. Unless you are Marc Jacobs or live in Thailand or Scotland skirts are still not really an option, so you have … Continue Reading

*63 Gunnar

Gunnar is dressed for a special occasion. This evening he (aka Styleclicker) will be center of attention as tonight will be the first screening of his video – a cooperation with fashion designer Ayzit Bostan. I am sure today he chose his clothes with extra care. It’s a fine line between ‘stylish’ and ‘dandyish’, the … Continue Reading

*62 Susanne

Every person has got a favorite silhouette. Depending on their physique and their respective preferences they usually choose their outline instictively. Some like to be an ‘A’ – accent on a narrow upper body increasing in volume on the way down. A long, tall ‘I’ is very popular, slim from head to toe, tends to … Continue Reading

*49 Susanne

Susanne knitted a sculpture. With her self-made ‘Strickliesl‘ she created a piece of art. Wearing a scarf like this you don’t really have to care about the rest of your outfit. That’s fashion and craftsmanship at it’s most beautiful – interesting, eye-catching, inspiring, useful. Like long tentacles the scarf wraps itself around her shoulders and … Continue Reading

*34 Corey

Paris/Day 5: It’s our last day in Paris – tomorrow we are on our way to London – and one last time we are heading to the fabric show. Corey blends perfectly into the parisian street picture and almost looks like a typical’Parisienne’ on her way to the greengrocers. A very classic and quite elegant … Continue Reading