*257 On Death

I am blessed. My cousin has died. And I had the chance say good-bye for 23 month. She was diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor and passed away three month ago. Actually I don’t know when she really left us since the tumor slowly took over more and more of her and what was left … Continue Reading

*247 Sonia

When Sonia Rykiel died a few weeks ago, it didn’t come as a shock. She was sick and she was old. Nobody lives forever. But there are people who influence your life more than others. They may be actors, writers, activists – or fashion designers. People who inspire you to become a better person than … Continue Reading

*231 David

The Ramones are dead, Lou Reed is dead, Lemmy just died. It was hard to loose my musical childhood heroes, my companions through adolescence. And now David Bowie. For some strange reason I thought David Bowie would never die. He had an aura of immortality. To hear about his death was not only a shock, … Continue Reading

*227 Grace

What I most like about Grace Jones is that she never tried to please. Not with her music and even less with her style. In an aera of bad perms, ruffles and candy colours she was a female terminator, a sculpture of of shiny ebony, full of confidence and a ‘who the fuck cares what … Continue Reading

*210 Debbie

You can build your style around your hair that’s for sure. You can even form a band around your hair. Deborah Harry aka Blondie did it. Her band’s name was Blondie, referring to her signature mop of platinum blonde hair. But just having good hair structure and a bottle of peroxide is surely not enough … Continue Reading

*195 Vivienne

You might have noticed by now – I am a big fan of Vivienne Westwood. It’s the 3rd time I put her on my ‘Icons’ board. I’ve talked about her unique sense of fashion, her style and her refusal to compromise quite a bit. What I haven’t talked about so far (and what makes me … Continue Reading

*173 Kate

I am deeply in love with Kate Bush. I love her music, her slightly hysterical voice, her deeply symbolic videos, her free dance choreographies and not least – her costumes. Skintight leotards, headbands, floaty, layered dresses, generously accessorized with silky chiffon scarfs used in every possible way to enhance her fairy-dervish-like appearances. I am sure … Continue Reading

*156 Isabella

I once had a fashion epiphany. It happened a few years back when I was still living in London.I sat in a cafe on South Molton Street when Isabella Blow walked past me and changed my view on fashion for good. In bright daylight she floated along like a creature from a another world wearing … Continue Reading

*131 Maggie

I admit it, I’m a fan. I do like Maggie Gyllenhaal (and it’s also proof that you don’t have to be over 70 years old to get a place amongst my style icons). The moment I fell in love was when I watched ‘Mona Lisa Smile’. She played this cool and independent girl , smoking, … Continue Reading

*121 Diane

You may wonder why the majority of my ‘Style Icons’ have already…how can I put it uncontroversially….passed the centerline of life. They are within an age group that you wouldn’t usually consult if you needed fashion advice. How come I find those ‘Advanced Stylers’ so admirable? Maybe because they’ve done and seen a lot. You … Continue Reading

*110 Charles

When I think of a velvet suit I usually think of little boys at their first communion or of a Marc Bolan sort of ’70s Glam Rock’ guy – but never do I think of a 70 year old bar owner who couldn’t care less and combines the suit with a white polo shirt. Throwing … Continue Reading

*91 Amy

In memory of Amy Winehouse, her extraordinary voice and her unique style. (*14.9.1983  †23.7.2011) Thank you, Daniel, for your special portrait. SEE OTHER STYLE ICONS…                                                   © Daniel Stier