*258 Susanne

Opinions are rather devided about the pageboy cut. I think I am not exaggerating when I say that roughly 99,9 % of all men take quite a dislike to it whereas most women think it’s super cute and cool (going back to my very personal experience when I had my hair cut pageboy style). Why … Continue Reading

*243 Susanne

We all try to be good, right? We try to do our bit to make the world a better place (if you don’t – stop reading here.), like not destroying nature, being helpful, not wasting resources, treating animals well etc.etc. Not destroying nature…..phew…not so easy….our modern lifestyle provides us with everything we need for a … Continue Reading

*212 Susanne

Sometimes it’s worth taking a closer look. Some people give away little secrets when you look more closely. A hanky with a cute umbrella print in a breast pocket of an office suit, a flower in a button hole. You might be surprised to see that the person behind the cool surface cares for the … Continue Reading

*206 Susanne

Moving away from your hometown, your family and your old friends bears great possibilities. It gives you the chance to reinvent yourself. Have a fresh start. Being at home is great – your family is there, you have your old pals gathered around you, some of them have been with you since kindergarden. They know … Continue Reading

*191 Susanne

An oversized double-breasted Blazer is all you need this fall. Seriously. Whatever you want to wear – wear it with a double-breasted blazer. Tight pants, loose pants, mini, maxi, midi skirts, leggings, it all works. It makes sloppy clothes look more dressy and dressy clothes cool. It stands for luxury and affluence. If you can … Continue Reading

*182 Susanne

For quite a long time flower prints were predominantely seen on cruises, in bingo halls or around retirement homes. They were said to make their wearer look happy, youthful and lively , their main job was to divert the eye from possible problem areas, and they led their bloomy existances mostly on roomy blouses and … Continue Reading

*172 Susanne

Come on, admit it, it’s pretty cool to wear silver leggings on a bright and sunny day. On the first warm and sunny day of March, when the whole world is trying to absorb as much sunlight as possible, Susanne is giving back the light, reflecting the sunlight. From head to toe. Silver hair, reflecting … Continue Reading

*163 – Susanne – Happy Christmas!

My last Christmas post (I made an exception and asked Susanne to dress up a bit ‘christmassy’ for me as I wanted her to be my ‘Happy Holidays’ post). No matter if you love or hate Christmas, if you think it’s a big overcommercialized rigmarole or not, enjoy it anyways. Strip off all the tinsel … Continue Reading

*150 Susanne

Pants are genderless. More or less. Except of the very curvy ones, and maybe palazzo pants…or capri pants….anyway, in general, pants can be worn by men and women. At least for some time now. When women started wearing pants it was nothing short of a revolution, because defying conventions meant freedom. Freedom to spread your … Continue Reading

*139 Susanne

Never match. That’a a rule for a lot of fashion-forward people. Matching is considered dated and conservative – like Margaret Thatcher or HRH Queen Elisabeth – hat, handbag, pumps and poodle, all the same color. It’s so much more progressive if you just throw some random pieces together. Immediately you get that eclectic, much-travelled, non-conformist … Continue Reading

*127 Susanne

Lavender and lilac are tricky colors. Very hard to wear, can make you look pale and lifeless, stands for a certain kind of old ladies’ look. On the other hand they are the colors of spring and summer, first bloom, beautiful scents and if you pick the right colors to go along with them (like … Continue Reading

*118 Susanne

First post in 2013 – and it’s a post about happiness. Happiness is when someone smiles a lot and has that certain glow in the eyes. It’s when everything about that person seems soft and relaxed. Happiness makes you feel comfortable and it changes the way you look, the way you dress. Sometimes you need … Continue Reading