*275 Masks and Freedom

‘Ah, that bloody thing again, you can’t breathe properly underneath it!’ Yeah, right, sometimes the air gets humid and heavy under the mask, especially when you’re physically exerting yourself. And you don’t recognize people anymore – the lower part of your face is more important than you think. Everything sounds muffled when wearing a mask. … Continue Reading

*252 Gunnar

If you are male you have fashion restrictions. At least if you want to blend in. No skirts, no high heels, no lipstick. To name just a few things a man is not expected to wear in public if he doesn’t want to be stared at. The level of tolerated ‘flamboyance’ variies from country to … Continue Reading

*234 Gunnar

When it’s snowing you have two choices. Go colour and fight the white or blend in, stay monochrome and create a b/w picture. Shades of Grey, a hat, a turned-up collar, et voilá, Gunnar looks like Harry Lime from ‘The third man’. If he starts hanging out in dark alleyways or in the canalization the … Continue Reading

*215 Gunnar für Strellson

James Bond wears a dinner jacket. The occasion is usually some foreign ambassador’s reception or when he hangs out at some Côte d’Azur casino meeting interesting and/or dangerous people. It’s usually nighttime and the jacket is usually black (teamed up with a black bow tie). So how about stepping out into the daylight with your … Continue Reading

*204 Gunnar

I was so happy to see Gunnar open the door of his studio in a bright turquoise jumper. It’s only February, but an increasing desire for colour is slowly building up in my chest. Snow is good, snow is white, snow is cold – but after weeks of snow I am ready for…something else. I … Continue Reading

*194 Gunnar

If you wear a slogan on your T-shirt you want to be very careful. You will draw attention to your chest area because people may want to read what’s written there (or just stare at your boobs). Most important: You have to know the meaning of the letters (attention to foreign languages or slang words…). … Continue Reading

*177 Gunnar

I forgot how much I like navy/green tartan until I saw Gunnar. A flashback to the 80’s, visions of wide shouldered Escada blazers and dresses with heavy gold buttons and pleated bermuda shorts arise – those were the days. Well dressed for the country club and the golf course. Since Gunnar is not really the … Continue Reading

*153 Gunnar

Men have a limited fashion potential. They can’t wear a frilly dress or put flowers in their hair. Or heavy make-up to give them a more mysterious look (I am talking about the avarage fashion concious fellow here). Or chunky jewellery for maximum effect (unless they work in Las Vegas). But there is one thing … Continue Reading

*140 Gunnar

Looking at Gunnar the first thing that pops up in my mind is ‘great colour range!’ (I admit, it’s a bit on the autumny side for end of June but this week does feel a bit like ‘English Summer’ indeed). Shades of blue and brown are like sky and earth, sea and mountain, steel and … Continue Reading

*126 Gunnar

OK – time for a little ‘Style Check’ here. We want to know who we are dealing with. Let’s try to stick some kind of label to Gunnar’s outfit. Done deal: Parka, hat, sweater – clearly 60s, Great Britain, Mods, ‘Quadrophenia’. Hm, Adidas Sneakers get me a little confused, ruins the 60’s look and drags … Continue Reading

*113 Gunnar

Gunnar is in a monochrome mood. He really likes b/w. He changed his super-popular Styleclicker Blog into black and white because he was fed up with regular street style photography and needed a fresh approach. To him black and white gets you to a different level of seeing a person and a picture. A calmness … Continue Reading

*99 Gunnar

We all love Gunnar and he obviously knows it. Or is he just suggesting? Or is it meant to be a self-fulfilling prophecy? ‘Tell them long enough and they’ll believe it…..’ Or is it just a a T-shirt with a great graphic print that plays with our viewing patterns? In any case it’s a good … Continue Reading