*115 Claire

This time of the year you have to be prepared. Almost every day there is some kind of festive activity around the corner. Either a christmas party at work, an after work mulled wine get-together at a christmas market or just a little romantic walk in the wintery park with your sweetheart. People with a … Continue Reading

*103 Claire

Does cheap always look cheap? When I say ‘cheap’ I am not talking about fleamarket or second hand store finds, those precious pieces you buy for next to nothing, which make you so happy because they use to be so much more expensive. What I am talking about is cheap cheap, new cheap bling-stuff that … Continue Reading

*92 Claire

A little story: While waiting for Claire next to the ‘English Garden’ I saw a duck with her 6 tiny little ducklings crossing the street. She had obviously hatched her offspring in a nearby garden and was heading towards the park now. I stopped the traffic so the family could cross the street, I kept … Continue Reading

*87 Claire

A tanktop, a sheer long printed skirt, loose hair, sunglasses. That sounds like beach, island, Ibiza, a good time. Is that a suitable style for work? It is for Claire who is smart enough not to wear flip flops along but goes for a pair of glittering cowboy bootees instead to get away from the … Continue Reading

*82 Claire

Claire’s hair went from strawberry to turquoise but her triple coloured hair is still an eyecatcher. Clever Claire keeps the rest of her outfit to a simple and contrasting black so her skin looks almost translucent and the turquoise seems intensified. What I like most about her look though is the simpleness of the late … Continue Reading

*77 Claire

You don’t have to BE tall to LOOK tall. Just follow a few simple rules: Rule #1: no big hair Rule #2: wear black Rule #3: heels must be high Rule #4: choose long bottom and cropped narrow top (vertical plissée helps as well) Rule #5: stand on something Or just dress like Claire, who … Continue Reading

*56 Claire

I get a text message from Claire : ‘ Will get new hair tomorrow – do you want to meet me?’ I sure do! She is a bit secretive about it just lets me know that a little bit of pink will be involved. I am excited. And when I first see her coming towards … Continue Reading

*51 Claire

Once again I meet a ‘new’ Claire,  less playful and girly but more professionial this time. We meet at AMD, where she studies fashion journalism and I am surprised that inspite of her very youthful face she looks more like a young professor than a student. With a clean hairdo and a sleek silhouette, no … Continue Reading

*47 Claire

In a dimly lit café on a cold January evening I meet Claire and again I am intrigued by her versatililiy. With her hair tied in a classic bun and her norwegian cardigan there is something almost 50s about her. A chunky metal necklace interferes with this sweet girliness though and brings a certain interesting … Continue Reading

*42 Claire

Good style – what’s it worth without charisma? Claire has got plenty of both.What I like most about Claire is her beautiful smile…and her great sense of style.  She is wearing a belted leather circle skirt with a simple white T-shirt and a black military coat. Simple and good choice. However it’s her bright blue … Continue Reading

*38 Claire

I notice a slight change in Claire’s autumn/winter-look compared to her spring/summer-style. Lots of layering, playing with different styles and materials and her longer hair make her seem softer. I like the fact that Claire doesn’t follow one look, she combines a heavy leather biker-jacket and woollen socks with a floaty and feminine  dress and … Continue Reading

*31 Claire

These photos were taken before and after a fashion show where Claire worked backstage and I had the chance to take a few quick pictures. Claire studies fashion-journalism and jobs like that are both reasearch and income for her. Claire’s special sense for fashion is quite obvious and I am convinced (and I am sure … Continue Reading