*266 Joerg

A man in a jumpsuit is either a plumber, a house painter or a forensic analyst. Or he’s about to jump off a plane with (hopefully) a parachute on his back. When you wear a jumpsuit you want to make sure that nothing from the outside gets in (paint, sullage) or vice versa (think of … Continue Reading

*246 Joerg

Hair is not just hair. Hair (or lack of hair) can be rebellion, conformism or a symbol for belonging. If you were a christian hermit you let your hair and beard grow to show social exclusion and imbrutement, the teutons advertised their social status with their hair – only free men wore long hair, to … Continue Reading

*229 Joerg – Merry Christmas

I am mainstream. I am like Millions of other people. I like Christmas. But I am surrounded by Christmas critics, who despise the collective mulled wine daze and the whole world being all tinsel and glitter. I do understand them and I partly agree – but I still cannot fully accept it. What’s wrong with … Continue Reading

*217 Joerg

Bright yellow flowers are not my favourites. Daffodils, sunflowers, forsythia – I know you exist and you stand for something like spring or summer, but please stay away from my garden and my living room. You are too straightforward for my taste. I like the subtlety of a powdery pink, the mysteriousness of of a … Continue Reading

*202 Joerg

Today I will not write about fashion. Although Joerg looks absolutely stunning, dressed all black with his beautiful baby-alpaca-fair-trade-awesome-colours-super-soft (-christmas-present-from-his-girlfriend)- scarf and his lord-of-the-manor handmade boots, completed with a casual combat jacket and his signature buttons, very underground/activist/rebel, a bit of Che Guevara……..OK where was I? What I really want to write about is the … Continue Reading

*188 Joerg

If we visit a museum, we usually read the explanatory notes next to the artworks or we follow the audio tour or a museum guide. We want to understand, want to know what the artist wanted to express through his artwork. That’s in our nature: wanting to understand. ‘The Elephant Test’ is a term that … Continue Reading

*176 Joerg

When I shoot my models for the blog it usually goes like this: I call them, we arrange a meeting, we drink coffee, we hang out a bit, we take some pictures. That’s what it goes like in my perfect blogger-phantasy-world. In reality some of my models are a bit hard to get. Not because … Continue Reading

*169 Joerg

Can a the place where you live influence the way you dress? Sure, if you live in a palace, you will probably dress accordingly. But you are probably some kind of Earl or Duchess anyway, so you don’t know it any other way. But let’s say you move into a building and the stairwell is … Continue Reading

*141 Joerg

Navy and White – that’s as classic as you can go. School uniforms, nautical dress code, marine, business people. The colors of respectability and correctness. People who wear navy and white don’t mess around. But what if a person who is dressed navy and white from head to toe (and wears a gold watch – … Continue Reading

*133 Joerg

This is what I imagine Wassily Kandinsky to look like – hanging out and painting in his house in Murnau during the summer with his sweetheart Gabriele Münter beginning of the 20th century . I am sure his hair was never nearly as long as Joerg’s and it is very unlikely that his beard ever … Continue Reading

*119 Joerg

It’s about shoes – again. Don’t roll your eyes, this time it’s not about female shoe obsession or how a pair of shoes can change your life. This time it’s about men’s shoes (not sneakers!), the part of a man’s wardrobe that’s quite often underrated. A woman can transform her image with a pair of … Continue Reading

*107 Joerg

Being dressed all black is a statement. It says something. The stereotypical ‘black wearer’ is: cool, enigmatic, hard to get, an artist, fashion designer or existentialist (or a wannabe of all the above). It’s a very symbolic color, the color of night, grief, depression, abyss as well as elegance and sophistication. Black keeps people at … Continue Reading