*265 Dodo or What’s wrong with black latex?

Let’s talk about black Latex. Or better. Write down the first thing that crosses your mind when I say ‘Latex’. OK. I think, I don’t want to know. What I see when I think about this shiniest of all fashion materials is the challenge. The challenge of not meeting the expectations and of not making … Continue Reading

*262 Dodo

You know – one of those days, when you don’t feel your best. You don’t want to stick out from the crowd but being invisible would make it even worse. You want to dress comfortable but not shapeless, casual but not sloppy. You need an outfit that is sort of an armour to the world … Continue Reading

*254 Dodo

Black leather triggers associations. What kind of association depends on your history, the level of uptightness, the region you come from and various other facts that define your character and the phantasies you develop. While someone from a more rural area thinks of macho motorcycle clubs or beer-soaked Heavy Metal Discos, the suburban mind might … Continue Reading

*249 Dodo

A few days back I flipped through Elle Magazine and got stuck at the Edidtor’s letter singing the praises of Paris and Parisian women. ‘How can you not love Paris and adore Parisian women, which are by far the chicest and coolest and most elegant….’ that pretty much sums up the content. I do not … Continue Reading

*220 Dodo

Unbelievable – it’s August again! Hottest month of the year, as good as summer can get. You want to run around in beachwear all day long, pressing an ice-cold cocktail tumbler to your forehead, occasionally sipping from it, drifting into an evening of BBQs and more drinks. Nothing wrong with BBQs and drinks, but unless … Continue Reading

*192 Dodo

I just came back from Paris. I went to a big fabric show there. That’s not as fancy as going to Fashion Week – no models or fashion editors or front row celebrities – but it’s crowded with fashion designers and people from the industry. Those are the people that decide what we will see … Continue Reading

*168 Dodo

You might have noticed by now that I have a thing for androgynous women. I just think it’s supercool and sexy when a woman is dressed in men’s clothes. Not in a ‘Wall Street’ kind of style, like women in tailored business suits and sprayed-to-death hair or any kind half-baked ‘boyfriend’-look with high heels. NO … Continue Reading


OK, we covered the ‘fun Christmas party with friends’-outfit, a little ritz, a little glitz, a pretty christmas jumper and you’re all set. But what if it’s a more ‘formal’ event? An office Christmas party? You don’t want to egg-nogg yourself out while wearing your shortest sequinned micro mini or your christmas tinsel dress – … Continue Reading

*155 Dodo

Take a close look. This is Dodo still living in Paris, looking very Isabelle Huppert/ Charlotte Rampling. Effortless chic, a certain austere nonchalance. That’s Dodo’s style. Or is it typical Parisian style? Or both? I’ve met Dodo when she already lived in Paris, so I don’t know if Paris made her that way or if … Continue Reading

*143 Dodo

The meaning of ‘sexiness’ is debatable. For a majority (especially men – no offence) it means revealing as much as possible. Either through very tight clothes that highlight certain gender specific features or by a minimal fabric use. A loose, boxy dress in shades of grey is certainly not considered the prototype of ‘sexy’. Admittedly, … Continue Reading

*137 Dodo

Did you notice slight changes? There is something going on. I can see it. Dodo has always been a very progressive dresser, always liked the ‘avantgarde’ style, appreciated well thought-out design with a smart twist. But now it’s a little different. More….expressionist. The new haircut is very 1920s silent-movie star and her her style seems … Continue Reading

*134 Dodo’s Shoes

A pair of shoes can tell you a lot about a person. And how much more information do I get when I see a whole pile of shoes that belongs to that same person. While trying to decide what to wear for a fancy night out in Paris Dodo pulls out a bunch of her … Continue Reading