*268 Friendship

What indicates the beginning of a great friendship? Is it pure coincidence? A byproduct of favourable circumstances? You happen to see a person more or less regularly for one reason or another, you get to know each other, start to appreciate each other’s company, to really like each other. That happens every once in a … Continue Reading

*250 Corey

What are clothes good for? Covering your nakedness. Keeping you warm, sure. Protecting you? Attracting other people? Keeping them off? Accentuating your best physical features? Enhancing your personality? Creating a new one? Maybe all of the above is accurate. Or none (except of the covering part). ‘You should buy clothes because of how they make … Continue Reading

*240 Corey

I was always a big fan of polkadots. When I bought my first post-war Rayon polka dot dress at a fleamarket decades ago (yes, I am THAT old) I fell in love with the femininity of this pattern. You just cannot go wrong with polkadots. They have this cleanlines and innocence about them. The regularity … Continue Reading

*233 Corey

Dare to be glamourous! It’s so worth it. Going out on a regular old day looking like a movie star will definitely brighten up your day. And not only yours. When I say ‘movie star’ I am talking about the glam days (not the sweat pants/ beanies/ coffe-cup actors – nothing wrong with it, just … Continue Reading

*228 Corey

Opposites attract. White likes Black. Salt likes pepper. But those two are not meant to be blended, they lead their seperate lives in more or less charming shakers on our kitchen shelves and only ever unite to convert edibles from raw ingredients into a savoury meal. Not anymore. They’ve left their single days behind and … Continue Reading

*225 Corey

You have got no time to get dressed in the morning, your schedule is full and there is a lot of running around to do. You STILL want to look half-way decent and your legs have a nice shape? I have some fashion advice for you: Throw on a pair of black leggings, some sneakers, … Continue Reading

*223 Corey

‘Is there a typical ‘Berlin style’?’ That’s what my friend Corey from Los Angeles asks me, when we meet in Berlin to see what Germany’s capital has to offer in terms of fashion and trends. ‘I don’t really think so’ I answer honestly, considering globalization, internet and big trends having evaporized into fashion nirvana. Corey … Continue Reading

*207 Corey

Culottes are the epitome of unsexy. At least in a man’s opinion. They are just too practical. And they don’t leave room for imagination. The wind doesn’t get caught in them and sends them flying. IF the wind gets caught it just blows them up like a hot air balloon. I am not a big … Continue Reading

*198 Corey

Get a nice sweater. You can go all Rocky Balboa with simple grey melange or chose a great colour. Go for djungle print, embroidery or sequins if you want. But do not – under no circumstances – wear sweatpants with any of them. Even if your sweat-shirt has got rhinestones, shoulder pads and gold tassels … Continue Reading

*193 Corey

My grandma used to wear turbans. The ones you can put on like a hat. In winter they were woollen in summer they were silk or polyester. My grandma wasn’t a hippie or dressed very flamboyantly, she wore the turbans with her regular every day clothes – jersey pants, jumper, trenchcoat. I always thought it … Continue Reading

*190 Corey

I am big fan of fun socks. Bright colours, cute patterns, ruffles, that’s my thing. Some of you might roll their eyes now and think that I am somehow stuck in my teenage years and refusing to grow up. I can reassure you – that’s not the case (at least not entirely). But growing up … Continue Reading

*185 Corey

I haven’t seen Corey for more than a year. When I meet her in Amsterdam she is wearing blue and white. We are in Holland after all, home of Delft porcellaine, how could you possibly wear any other colour? But colour is not what I want to discuss in this post – it’s the jumpsuit. … Continue Reading