*146 Julia

What do you wear when it’s really, I mean REALLY hot outside? I am not talking about beachwear, I am talking about being dressed properly. Wearing too little can be inappropriate, wearing too much can be very uncomfortable when it’s scorching hot. My advice is: don’t go for tight and tiny, go for big and … Continue Reading

*134 Dodo’s Shoes

A pair of shoes can tell you a lot about a person. And how much more information do I get when I see a whole pile of shoes that belongs to that same person. While trying to decide what to wear for a fancy night out in Paris Dodo pulls out a bunch of her … Continue Reading

*119 Joerg

It’s about shoes – again. Don’t roll your eyes, this time it’s not about female shoe obsession or how a pair of shoes can change your life. This time it’s about men’s shoes (not sneakers!), the part of a man’s wardrobe that’s quite often underrated. A woman can transform her image with a pair of … Continue Reading

*71 The Good Things

‘The Good Things’ are things that stay with you, things you care for and you love. The Good Things don’t break, they defy all trends, they usually have a history and they sometimes have been passed on from one generation to the next. They are worn more or less frequently and they are NEVER given … Continue Reading

*41 Shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you really need? Asked a thousand times before this question is never an easy one to answer. Most certainly the answer always depends on who you ask. Is it a man or a woman? Is it a ‘fashion-person’ or not? Does a certain indomitable need for shoes run in … Continue Reading