*219 The Aga-Tomlins

It’s been a while since I last saw the Aga-Tomlins and in a way not much but quite a lot has changed since then. The boys are no longer small kids, they slowly become adolescent, carving out their personalities. Do you want to become like your parents…or not? Fulfill expectations…or not? It’s about becoming a … Continue Reading

*165 Joel

Again we have a man wearing a backpack on this blog. Gunnar was first, now Joel. Munich and London. I guess we can start calling it a ‘European trend in menswear’! It takes more than two to ascertain a trend? Don’t be so fussy. If those two have an ocean between them, they have never … Continue Reading

*164 Feli

First of all: Happy, marvellous New Year 2014! Any New Year’s resolutions? Except of the usual ones like ‘no more crisps in front of the TV’ or ‘less TV, more books (it’s harder to eat when you read anyway)’? I have a recommendation for you. It’s my one resolution I have worked on through the … Continue Reading

*159 The Aga-Tomlins

Quite honestly – I didn’t think this picture would happen. The previous evening had been long, boozy and very pleasant (we hadn’t seen each other in a while), but Feli and Joel had promised me anyway to get the chance to take a family portrait the next morning before the boys would be off to … Continue Reading

*78 The Aga-Tomlins

The way the Aga Tomlins are dressed is hard to describe. It could easily be mistaken for a ‘retro’ sort of look, the trendy ‘I-like-to-buy- my-stuff-in-a-vintage-store’-style. But take a closer look: There is a little bit of 70s, a hint of ‘little house in the prairie’, a spoonful of turn of the century, a bit … Continue Reading

*65 The Aga-Tomlins

When you enter Joel Tomlin’s studio in east London you enter his very own world. It’s an almost ancient and a bit mystical world filled with small sculptures and figurines, sketches, drawings and paintings all over the place but most of all it’s a world of soft, beautiful and soothing colours. Colours that make you … Continue Reading

*58 The Aga-Tomlins

How do you recognize an artist? A little bit of color smudged on the clothes is a hint – but it might as well be somebody painting his flat. A studio hellolivingston.com is also a clue, but then, who hasn’t got a studio?  Photographers, all kinds of designers…. Maybe it’s passion and persistence, the constant … Continue Reading

*50 The Aga-Tomlins

I have a family. The family lives in London and consists of Feli, artist of German-Norwegian descent, Joel, artist and Englishman and their sons Eoban and Cedric, schoolboys and German-Norwegian Englishmen. All of them are extraordinary characters. Both Feli and Joel have a very personal way of dressing, a style that mixes the past, the … Continue Reading