*157 Bernd

Let’s talk about tabacco. I’m not talking about whether to light up or not, I am talking about the most masculine of all colours. The most earthy smelling colour, the most archaic one. Tabacco is the colour of distinguished ‘savoir vivre’. It demands a fire-place, the smell of leather and wood (maybe a pipe – … Continue Reading

*149 Bernd

Pinstripes are tricky. There is a (literally) VERY thin line between prestigious and pretentious, between ritzy and glitzy. It’s all about the stripe: how wide is it and how white is it? Too wide = flashy, too white = cheap. And if it’s wide AND white – you might as well skip the shirt and … Continue Reading

*142 Bernd

Have you ever had a ‘Fashion Moment’? A moment that changes the way you look at things, that leaves a lasting impression on your ‘style mind’? It can be a person that you meet, a film you are watching, a book you are reading. Bernd told me about his initial fashion moment. He was about … Continue Reading

*93 Bernd

After returning from my summer vacation I am pleasantly surprised by a call from Bernd telling me that he will come to see me. Bernd is a real tweed and leather man so I am quite curious to see him on a warm August day when tweed is definitely no option. Under the arcades of … Continue Reading

*89 Bernd

Double denim was not very popular for quite a while but with a much acclaimed comback of the denim shirt the head-to-toe-denim-look came along, too. Highly masculine it is very often associated with a sort of Marlboro-manish/cattle-herding world and therefore gives it’s wearer a certain lonesome-cowboy appeal. Denim is a workwear fabric, made to last, … Continue Reading

*83 Bernd

It’s not easy to accessorize – epecially if you are a man. If you overdue you lose a bit of masculine touch but if you abstain from accessories at all you miss the opportunity to add that little bit of extra class that defines great style. Male jewellerry can be quite interesting and can tell … Continue Reading

*76 Bernd

Being well dressed is simple. You just need a few classy pieces, you throw them together casually and there you go. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. The more simple you go the more important it is to choose the right pieces. Bernd abstains from any kind of accessories except of his favorite scarf, but he … Continue Reading

*72 Bernd

Bernd leads me into the courtyard of his building, a secluded little cosmos, a secret garden in the middle of metropolitan Berlin. He fits perfectly into this forgotten piece of nature that makes you forget time and place. I start thinking of Karlheinz Weinberger and his photographs of teen rebels in the 50s and 60s. … Continue Reading

*68 Bernd

It’s a cool and rainy morning in Berlin. Every time I visit Berlin it’s like that, cool and rainy – if I’m lucky. I’ve been told that Berlin is great when the sun is shining, people are out in the streets and you feel the energy, the city is buzzing….that’s what they keep on telling … Continue Reading

*66 Bernd

A bunch of long white Tulips stretch their curved stems like swan necks over a dark wooden desk, old black and white prints featuring historic english furniture spread over it. A 100 year old paisley plaid thrown carelessly over a heavy leather fauteuil, an apple on a white saucer next to a cristal carafe filled … Continue Reading