*273 The Future is New

The common era has changed. There was a time when you could meet for pizza, get drunk in public, visit friends over the weekend, eat from the same plate and elbow your way trough a crowd. And you could breathe. Just like that. Without getting that humid feeling around your mouth. That was the time … Continue Reading

*263 Brigitta

Good style doesn’t come for free. If you are thinking about Birkin Bags and luxury labels now I can stop you right there. That’s not what I am talking about. Beautiful clothes don’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money (and you cannot buy good style anyway). Sure, if you have a stack of … Continue Reading

*255 Brigitta

A women in a black almost floor length shapeless dress is either a nun or from a muslim country that expects women to wear the hijab. Or she is an artist. How come that those species tend to hide their bodies more or less completely? A nun’s habit and a burka come from the same … Continue Reading

*244 Clara

You can’t ever go wrong with leopard. That’s a rule. My personal rule. Unless it’s a really, really badly made print, leopard is always cool. Timeless. Every age group looks good in it – from a cute little (leopard-) baby to Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style ladies. It can be elegant, sexy, sporty or even … Continue Reading

*241 Brigitta

There’s nothing better than riding a bike in the city on a warm summer evening. You feel the warm air on your skin, the wind gets caught in your hair….wait a minute. The wind shouldn’t get caught in your hair, because you are wearing a bicycle helmet! You don’t? Bicycle helmets are indeed tricky. It’s … Continue Reading

*239 Clara

Have you ever worn a pair of white pants for a whole day and NOT soiled them? I haven’t. Either you sit on a dirty bench or you drop your food or someone spills coffee on you. It doesn’t seem to happen when you wear regular old dark pants, or maybe that’s just perception. I … Continue Reading

*224 Brigitta and Clara

A navy coat is what you need this fall. If two of the most stylish women I know show up in a double-breasted navy coat it surely is a must-have. I thank my lucky stars that I have got two of them in my wardrobe already. Three, actually. But the third one doesn’t really count, … Continue Reading

*218 Clara

There hasn’t been a time when denim was NOT popular since its rebellious appearance on fashion stage in the 50ties. Always a symbol for non-conformism and subtle revolution denim had its heyday in the 70ties with being the symbol for individuality, freedom and peace. It never again rose to that importance ever since. Til now. … Continue Reading

*213 Brigitta for Windsor

A white suit is a real challenge. To get through a whole day without staining is almost impossible – at least for me. But seeing Brigitta in her crisp white suit, looking so immaculate, clean and fresh, makes me want to try it out again this summer. No other colour can make you look so … Continue Reading

*211 Clara

I don’t know where to begin when I look at Clara’s outfit. I am in awe. If I told somebody that she wore a pants/top ensemble printed allover with little colourful ice-cream cones, a huge colourful indian scarf wrapped several times around her head and a floor-length trenchcoat he would probably think she is either … Continue Reading

*201 Brigitta

Brigitta and I went to see the Georg Baselitz exhibition in Munich. Colossal paintings, mostly upside down, a few colossal sculptures, all placed in the colossal main hall of Haus der Kunst in Munich. Pretty impressive – if you like that sort of thing. While wandering around, taking in art and trying to take some … Continue Reading

*199 Clara

Pastels are spring colours. Bollocks. Clara’s colour palette is perfect for this time of the year. Those beautiful pastels are nothing less than beautiful, powerful autumn colors – leafy brown, juicy blackberry, raspberry pink – covered with a thin layer of first snow that fell overnight (only the blueberries could hide under a tree). Or … Continue Reading