*274 Racism #2

I posted a black square. I’m against racism. I added the hashtag ‘blackouttuesday’ to the square and uploaded it to my timeline. But I felt slightly uneasy. I felt pathetic. What do I know about racism, what do I know how it feels to be black? How can I dare to use a hashtags like … Continue Reading

*264 Julia on World Women’s Day

‘World Women’s Day – does that mean we have one day of the year for us and the rest is for men?’ that’s what Jovana asked me today. Hm, good question, kind of the concept of mother’s day, one day of sleeping in and getting breakfast in bed as opposed to 364 days of cleaning … Continue Reading

*253 Julia X Story of my Shirt

‘Pick a piece with a story’ – that’s what Alex from the blog ‘Story of my Shirt’asked me when we had just decided to do a project together. It should be a piece from my wardrobe that means something special to me. Tough call. I have countless clothes that I found in little vintage shops … Continue Reading


Have a happy, scary Halloween. And watch out for the Vampire lady…. Julia wears vintage dress, scarf, gloves and jewellery. The axe is a family heirloom. Thank you, Frank-enstein for taking those spooky pictures. ©FrankBauer

*245 Julia

Is there an official name for them? Fannypack, bum bag, belly pouch? We call them ‘Wimmerl’ in Bavaria, it’s sort of a nickname for a pimple. Maybe the name doesn’t matter or is it significant for this fabulous accessory that it was never awarded with a real good ‘fashion-name’ (or it never reached my ears). … Continue Reading

*235 Julia

Let’s talk about food. But first about clothes. You know why I am dressed up like this on the lake Tegernsee shore? All late 70s glam, tinted sunglasses? Because I am about to do something truly glamourous and luxurious. I am going to have a Haute Cuisine lunch. We’re talking about the real thing. ***. … Continue Reading

*230 Julia – Happy New Year 2016!

Another good reason to dress up. HAPPY AND PEACEFUL YEAR 2016 TO ALL OF YOU. ©Julia Richter

*226 Julia

You cannot get around them this fall: Culottes. Even if you tried to ignore them throughout the last few seasons you have to face reality now. Culottes have landed on our high street. And I like it – obviously. I like the masculinity within this feminine style. Of course you can wear culottes all 70s … Continue Reading

*216 Julia

‘How do you pick your models?’ Every once in a while I get this question. By what criteria do I choose the models on my blog? They have a great look, sure. But not everyone shares my opinion, I get very different responses on my models. A few are generally perceived as goodlooking, but a … Continue Reading

*209 Julia

Bringing a Burberry coat to London feels like carrying coals to Newcastle. But it’s also a confirmation that your money was well spent. Once again you know why a good trenchcoat is not only a fashion item but a well designed and developed survival item. And you know why it was invented in London. Springtime … Continue Reading

*203 Julia

What a beautiful dog. Don’t you agree? Soft and silky fur, beautifully sprinkled like a poppyseed muffin, a cute white bib and slightly bicoloured amber eyes. People stop and ask me what kind of dog it is all the time. They get this kind of dreamy look on their face and tell me that they … Continue Reading

*200 Julia – Merry Christmas!

It’s nice to finish the year with post no. 200. I take that as a good sign for 2015. And I decided not to look back on 2014 with a critical eye. I’ll just see the good things that happened to me. I’ll pat myself on the back a lot. Well done, Julia. That’s definitely … Continue Reading