*269 Let’s be Gender Benders

It starts when we are born: ‘Its a boy/girl!’ And before we blink there is a pink or blue ribbon on a tiny wrist. Based on our primary sexual characteristics we get a label that dictates what colours to wear and how to behave for the rest of our lives. Female babies are addressed in … Continue Reading

*256 Tim X Story of my Shirt

There are pieces in your wardrobe that you don’t wear. They are out of fashion, they are torn or they simply don’t fit anymore (and you can’t face the fact that they never again will). Throw them out. Make yourself happy. Simplify your life. There are tons of self-help-happy-wardrobe authors who will nod enthusiastically now. … Continue Reading

*238 Tim

‘Without colours I’d still be me, but I’d be more boring.’ That’s a quote by André Agassi from 1990 after playing the French Open finals. The Tennis Federation critizised him for breaking the holy ‘all white’ rule on the tennis court, sporting hot pink cycling shorts under black hot pants instead of choosing classic white. … Continue Reading


Stripes are immensily popular and an easy choice for all levels of fashion awareness. You basically can’t go wrong with stripes. Horizontal stripes, make no mistake. When it comes to vertical stripes it’s a whole different matter. They are seen on pinstripe suits and pyjama pants as a subtle acknowledgement of masculinity and respectability, but … Continue Reading

*208 Tim

Black is the new spring colour. Obviously. I met Tim and Susanne last week for a photo shoot and they were both black from head to toe. So don’t believe the magazines, it’s not pastels or brights, it’s black this sping. Makes sense to me. Black absorbs the sun and it’s been a while since … Continue Reading

*197 Timmy

‘Normal’ means someone who’s not out of the ordinary. One of many. It depends on the context if it’s a good thing to be normal or used as an insult. If you work with mentally ill people being ‘normal’ means being mentally healthy and balanced, so it’s a good thing. In the fashion industry instead … Continue Reading

*183 Timmy

Finding your own voice is not easy. You can become a writer or a photographer to express your view of the world. As a painter or an actor you can show people what’s inside of you. A very distinctive fashion style also tells quite a bit about yourself. Or you can sing. Finding ‘his voice’ … Continue Reading

*175 Timmy

I never noticed that there are similarities between Tim and David Bowie until this last photo shoot when Tim casually mentioned that his leggings were a tribute to Bowie. If you think it’s a bit farfetched to compare a 15 year old student to the legendary ‘Thin White Duke’, you might be right. But if … Continue Reading

*166 Timmy

Have you ever seen the 1975 documentary ‘Grey Gardens’? Watch it, if you haven’t already. It’s about Jacky Kennedy’s Cousin Edith (known as ‘Little Edie’) who takes care of her self-absorbed mother in a crumbly, messy house for 25 years. The story itself is already worth watching as they live in this once feudal, now … Continue Reading

*152 Timmy

Timmy is a fashion samurai. He’s on a style crusade, has left the path of least resistance a while ago. Not following any general fashion rules he is quite unconventional in finding his mixed-gender styles (his mum’s closet, charity shops, costume rooms etc.) and layers, alters and customizes them until they meet his requirements. People … Continue Reading

*145 Timmy

We change. Every single one of us changes every single day of his life. You don’t notice from one day to another. The transformation sneaks up on you. It’s called ‘growing older’. Middle-aged peolple tend to think they have an exclusive right on being worried about getting older, they think being young is a complete … Continue Reading

*135 Timmy

This is Timmy after ‘The Voice Kids‘. He didn’t win the final but for sure he won many many hearts and he was definitely head and shoulders above the rest when it came to style.He is different and I love it. The fact that he is only 14 makes me appreciate it even more. It … Continue Reading