*272 Racism

Olivia and her sister Eleni are almost 15 and 17. They go to the same school. In this school, at least half of the children have a migration background of any kind. The class list reads very international. They are friends with children whose parents come from India, South Korea, China, Poland or Bavaria. Neither … Continue Reading

*271 Changes

Things are changing. Cuddly kids turn into recalcitrant teenagers, teenagers turn into political activists, politicians turn into parodies of themselves. Innocence turns into bewilderment. Trust into blame. Who’s to blame? It doesn’t really matter. Blame is passive, it’s stuck in the past and the only thing it creates is defense, so it’s a waste of … Continue Reading

*261 Eleni

‘I shop therefore I am’ – That’s a statement that’s usually used in a consumer critical context or as a slightly provocative/confessional headline in women’s magazines. But it’s always meant ironical. Because it’s the epitome of superficiality put in one sentence. I actually think it’s a true sentence. Let’s look at it step by step: … Continue Reading

*259 Olivia

I was 14 years old when I started dying my hair for the first time. Bleaching, to be more precise. All through my childhood my hair had been a light blond but in puberty the blond gradually faded into the sort of mouse colour that nobody likes. I wore it short so I didn’t even … Continue Reading

*242 Olivia

‘New Romaticism’ was a music/fashion movement in the beginning of the 80s in London. Adam Ant, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, to name just a few, were its flamboyant ambassadors. It all started in a club in London, the Blitz, that was basically founded to worship David Bowie and his dazzling style. The door was strict … Continue Reading

*237 Eleni

Kurt Cobain made worn-out grandpa cardigans fashion in the 90s. It was called Grunge. A new style was born. Against all known fashion and gender rules. Charity shop clothing that sometimes looked like it was fished out of a recycling bin. Holes, wrinkles, seams inside out. The look was rebellious, because it didn’t give a … Continue Reading

*222 Olivia

Outdoor activity and style are not best friends. They don’t even get along very well. That seems to be an unwritten law and based on my personal observations – it’s unfortunately true . If it’s funcional it can’t be goodlooking. Shapeless garments with tons of pockets, zippers and drawstrings in ugly bright colours that don’t … Continue Reading

*214 Eleni

Magnolia is my favourite tree. My grandmother used to have an old magnolia tree in her garden. All winter it stood there, brown and leaveless with it’s twisted, knobby branches and twigs, covered in moss. It looked like a relict of a time long gone, dead and forgotten. But once april came along the morphing … Continue Reading

*205 Olivia

When does a child turn into an adolescent? When it turns 13 and becomes a ‘teenager’? When the body starts showing changes? Thinking back I can petty much put my finger on the point when I started feeling different. It didn’t have anything to do with my physical development (I was a late bloomer anyway) … Continue Reading

* 189 Olivia + Eleni

WE’RE AT THE BEACH. BACK IN SEPTEMBER. Olivia wears dress from Portobello Market and sandals by Garbor, Eleni wears a jumpsuit by H+M and flip flops by Havaianas. ALL PREVIOUS POSTS ABOUT OLIVIA AND ELENI….. ©Julia Richter

*179 Olivia and Eleni

I am very happy to introduce my newest and youngest models Olivia and her sister Eleni. Equipped with the same gene pool, two years apart in age, they have surprisingly different preferences when it comes to fashion. You might be right to argue that girls that age still reflect their moms taste (as she is … Continue Reading