A bunch of long white Tulips stretch their curved stems like swan necks
over a dark wooden desk, old black and white prints featuring historic
english furniture spread over it. A 100 year old paisley plaid thrown carelessly
over a heavy leather fauteuil, an apple on a white saucer next to a cristal carafe
filled with water and lemon slices. Right in the middle of this almost ancient
ambiance there is Peggy, Bernd’s giant irish wolfhound resting on her sofa
and you feel like timetravelling to an England of previous centuries, a slightly
eccentric and aristocratic artist’s life.
Yet we find ourselves in Berlin Charlottenburg with Bernd sitting in front of
his computer, checking his mails, talking on the phone to his students and to
the opera in Paris – right in the here and now. It’s that special mix of old and
new, historic and contemporary that gets you. Bernd’s love for romanticism,
ages past, craftmanship and his ability to transform ‘historic’ into ‘contemporary’
without it seeming contrived is what makes him so special, charming and genuine.
It’s reflected in his work, his personality, his home and in the way he dresses and
it’s hard not to be fascinated by it.

Bernd wears jeans and belt by Ralph Lauren, a shirt by  Jacques Britt,
a jumper by Windsor and boots by John Lobb for Hermès.




























@ Julia Richter

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