Being dressed all black is a statement. It says something. The stereotypical ‘black wearer’ is: cool, enigmatic, hard to get, an artist, fashion designer or existentialist (or a wannabe of all the above). It’s a very symbolic color, the color of night, grief, depression, abyss as well as elegance and sophistication. Black keeps people at bay, you can wear it as an armour if you are not in the mood to talk to anybody.
When I meet Joerg who is not the typical ‘black dresser’ I am a bit worried first, but then I notice the purple button and know – even if there is a bit of a dark fall/winter melancholy in the air there is always that welcoming dash of purple, reflecting light and joy and the first springtime crocus (the button is indeed a reflector).

Joerg wears a jacket by Crusader twenty one, pants by Drykorn, a striped shirt with pockets by Haltbar, a reflecting button by Ayzit Bostan and shoes byTimberland.

@Julia Richter

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