Pinstripes are tricky. There is a (literally) VERY thin line between prestigious and pretentious, between ritzy and glitzy. It’s all about the stripe: how wide is it and how white is it? Too wide = flashy, too white = cheap. And if it’s wide AND white – you might as well skip the shirt and go for a heavy gold chain on your furry chest. A thin subtle stripe with a decent spacing is what you want. Double-breasted and loose-fitting for the ultimate classy look. Cufflinks on your shirt. That’s the way to go. Thank you Bernd.

Bernd wears a pinstripe suit by Chelsea Farmer’s Club, a shirt by van Laack with cufflinks by Jens Sierra Lingemann, a tie by Hackett, shoes by Crockett+Jones and a key string from the asiatica store at the fleamarket 17. Juni.


©Julia Richter

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