Can a the place where you live influence the way you dress? Sure, if you live in a palace, you will probably dress accordingly. But you are probably some kind of Earl or Duchess anyway, so you don’t know it any other way. But let’s say you move into a building and the stairwell is painted bright yellow, so every day when you leave your flat and get back you are soaked in yellow. Yellow seeps into you. It is a positive colour, so maybe it would lighten your mood, make you feel warm and cozy and at home. But would you start dressing yellow? Not consciously, like ‘OK, today I dress all yellow to match my hallway’, more subconsciously, like ‘yellow’ has become a part of your personality that you don’t question anymore. I never thought about this either until Joerg and I met the lovely lady in the picture who was kind enough to show us the inside of her building (after she caught us snapping pictures in her courtyard illegitimately), a building she had proudly lived in for 40 years, so she told us. You might have noticed that her graphic sweater actually does match the mural in the entrance hall.

Joerg wears a jacket by Samsoe+Samsoe, organic jeans by Kyuchi, a jumper by Redfield, a hand knitted (by me) hat, vintage glasses by Robert La Roche, shoes by Clark’s, a tote from the last FotoDoks festival and a scarf from Marocco.


©Julia Richter

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