When I shoot my models for the blog it usually goes like this: I call them, we arrange a meeting, we drink coffee, we hang out a bit, we take some pictures. That’s what it goes like in my perfect blogger-phantasy-world. In reality some of my models are a bit hard to get. Not because they don’t want to chat with me or drink coffee or get photographed, but simply because they live far away or have busy lives. Jobs, girlfriends in foreign places, travels, festivals they have to organize, (other) friends they have to meet. In other words – sometimes I am not on top of their list, believe it or not. Now imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from one of my blog-followers (who happens to be a friend of Joerg and ALSO happens to be a great photographer) with a picture attached showing Joerg in a lovely daffodil jumper with matching folding bike! Thank you, dear Regina, for not letting this wonderful fashion moment pass by and thank you for recognizing the fashionable ‘colour parenthesis’ (I am not sure if this word exists in English….) which in Joerg’s case is never pure coincidence (nor is the matching chair or the yellow tyres – even the lock has a tiny yellow cap).

Joerg wears a jumper by Zouk Italia, jeans by Kuyichi and shoes by Clark’s, his 70ties folding bike is by Peugeot, bought on ebay.


©Regina Recht

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