If we visit a museum, we usually read the explanatory notes next to the artworks or we follow the audio tour or a museum guide. We want to understand, want to know what the artist wanted to express through his artwork. That’s in our nature: wanting to understand.
‘The Elephant Test’ is a term that describes a cause that is open to interpretation. Based on your personal experiences, your background, your history and your fantasy you can form an utterly subjective point of view. That might be quite unsettling in the beginning as we don’t want to be ‘wrong’, we are worried that we are too ignorant or unaware to understand the cause. But can you ever be ‘wrong’ when it comes to perception?
Isn’t it rather liberating NOT to get an explanation and to just see what you see?
‘The Elephant Test’ is the title of the first exhibition that Joerg and his co-curator Dana Weschke are presenting at ‘Lothringer 13’ art gallery and I am quite excited to follow their path of artful liberation. Or liberating art?

Joerg is wearing linen pants by Hannes Roether, a polka-dot shirt by Muji, shoes by Rokin and a Casio watch.

‘The Elephant Test’ can be seen at ‘Lothringer 13 Halle’ til Oct 12th 2014


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