If you wear a slogan on your T-shirt you want to be very careful. You will draw attention to your chest area because people may want to read what’s written there (or just stare at your boobs). Most important: You have to know the meaning of the letters (attention to foreign languages or slang words…). Also make sure that you really stand for what’s written on your shirt. All day long. If you have ‘Shopping Queen’ written all over your chest don’t drive a shop assistant crazy with trying on a million outfits and then leave with a nonchalant ‘I have to think about it….’- that’s not fair. And if you wear your ‘Save the Artctic’ shirt – you better leave your Hummer in the garage and take the bike. It’s also advisable to always bring a cardigan along. You might feel like a girly ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ in the morning, but in the afternoon when you fight over that last parking space there might not be time to change into your ‘little Miss Hopping Wild’ shirt before you get out of the car and tell that sucker who saw it first. But you can avoid those traps altogether if you do it like Gunnar and go for the ABC. Also comes in handy when you haveh kids.

Gunnar wears ABC shirt from Art Berlin Contemporary, jacket by Acne, Pants by V Avenue Shoe Repair, belt from Theresa, hat by H+M and shoes by Doc Martens.


©Julia Richter

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