Bringing a Burberry coat to London feels like carrying coals to Newcastle. But it’s also a confirmation that your money was well spent. Once again you know why a good trenchcoat is not only a fashion item but a well designed and developed survival item. And you know why it was invented in London.
Springtime in London is a fashion challenge that’s for sure. Rain, sun, wind, cold, warmth – you got the whole weather range lined up in one day. So either you pull out your functional hiking gear (like many of my fellow travellers from Germany) or you’re keeping the fashion spirit alive and focus on the essentials. In my case that’s head to toe denim and my trenchcoat (flares are not the perfect choice when it rains, but who cares about soaked hems as long as it looks fabulous). In case of a sudden temperature drop I carry a cashmere cardigan (takes up no space and keeps warm) and a hat in my purse. I know that sounds super-posh, and I am almost surprised myself to give such sophisticated fashion advice. Maybe it’s because I stayed in super-posh Notting Hill this time. But believe me, it does work and hey, you never know who you might run into while in London. A few years back I almost bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal on my way to the tube station in Notting Hill and I’ve once seen Paul Weller on Portobello Rd. Trust me, you do not want to wear a fleece jacket when looking the modfather in the eye.
(Thank you, Frank, once again, for taking those beautiful pictures)

Julia wears a Burberry trenchcoat, denim shirt by Levi’s,striped top by H+M, jeans by Maje, sneakers by Nike, cashmere scarf from a fleamarket, necklace from a sample sale and handbag by Polo Ralph Lauren.


©Frank Bauer

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