Outdoor activity and style are not best friends. They don’t even get along very well. That seems to be an unwritten law and based on my personal observations – it’s unfortunately true . If it’s funcional it can’t be goodlooking. Shapeless garments with tons of pockets, zippers and drawstrings in ugly bright colours that don’t go well together. And still everyone wears them. Are we all brainwashed by those Jack Wolfskin and his commercial friends or do we simply let go of our taste as soon as we leave the city? I am not talking to all those Reinhold Messners out there, I am talking about all those regular old Sunday-late-morning-hikers. Please, let me tell you from my very personal experience: you can walk up a decent mountain in jeans! Bring a raincoat in case it rains (but we all check the weather forecast beforehand, don’t we?) and a hat in case it’s sunny. A warm jumper might come in handy if the mountain is a little higher and comfy hiking boots are a plus. That’s it. A 12-year old girl can do it – so you can do it, too.

Olivia wears jeans by Review, a T-shirt and a hoodie by Puma, a hat by PlusMinus, hiking sticks by Leki and hiking boots by La Sportiva.


©Julia Richter

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