Let’s talk about food. But first about clothes. You know why I am dressed up like this on the lake Tegernsee shore? All late 70s glam, tinted sunglasses? Because I am about to do something truly glamourous and luxurious. I am going to have a Haute Cuisine lunch. We’re talking about the real thing. ***. And how fabulous is this – lunch. Not dinner. Pure decadence. 10 courses. So I guess you should dress accordingly. Not too dark (it’s luchtime), not too dramatic (it’s still lunch), not too much make-up (it’s bright merciless daylight). But you can never go wrong with a touch of Faye Dunaway. After the 7th course I started to regret the supertight belt though. Maybe next time I’ll go for the late Elisabeth Taylor instead.

Julia trägt einen vintage Burberry Trenchcoat, ein Kleid von & other stories, einen Schal von Escada, Stiefel vom Flohmarkt, eine vintage Sonnebrille von Emmanuelle Khanh, Handschuhe von Röckl, einen Gürtel von Anne Klein und eine Tasche von Coccinelle.


©Frank Bauer

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