Kurt Cobain made worn-out grandpa cardigans fashion in the 90s. It was called Grunge. A new style was born. Against all known fashion and gender rules. Charity shop clothing that sometimes looked like it was fished out of a recycling bin. Holes, wrinkles, seams inside out. The look was rebellious, because it didn’t give a damn. A bit like punk but less aggressive, a passive way to show establishment the finger. Grunge currently has its fashion moment again but in a much more sophisticated way, stripped from all its original Cobainian spirit with it’s badly bleached hair. What’s left of him is the rugged cardigan. Loved by girls for it’s cozi- and coolness, loathed by guys for it’s genderless shapelessness (or did you ever meet a man who liked oversized cardigans on a woman?). But guys, take a closer look. We’re not wearing them over baggy mossgreen corduroys held by suspenders, we’re wearing them with A DRESS. Or TIGHT PANTS. Get it? That’s sexy, but better. It’s not desperate. It’s cool (and comfy and a bit rebellious).
When worn by a ten-year old with a flower in her hair it’s even more than that. It’s pretty enchanting.

Eleni wears a cardigan from a fleamarket, a dress by C&A, Chucks by Converse and a necklace by Bijou Brigitte.


©Julia Richter

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