‘World Women’s Day – does that mean we have one day of the year for us and the rest is for men?’ that’s what Jovana asked me today. Hm, good question, kind of the concept of mother’s day, one day of sleeping in and getting breakfast in bed as opposed to 364 days of cleaning everyone’s mess up. So is WWD entirely superflous? I don’t think so. Every extra day that sheds a little more media light on women’s rights, equality and sufferings is neccessary. Women’s quota? Bring it on. If women have to be forced entrance into a male dominated world, so let it be. I do not believe in female domination, I do not want to push men out of the way. I think we can very well work togteher and profit from one another. But I do get slightly aggressive when I look around and see men dominating music, art, science and countless other fields for no obvious reasons. So, yes, I want a quota, I want a granted seat to prove that I am equaly capable, talented, diligent and smart than my male competitors. I might be less pushy, that’s where I am flawed.
To pay a tribute to all those inspiring and talented women today I decided to wear a WWD outfit today:
-Skirt by Comme des Garcons to honour the label’s incredibly creative designer Rei Kawakubo.
-Jacket by Ann Demeulemeester one of the influential avantgarde Antwerp Designers that shaped the way I dressed in the 90s
-Boots by An hour and a shower, my friend Dodo‘s footwear line, who was brave enough to start her own collection of beautiful, extraordinary shoes.
-Leather belt bought in L.A. When I met my my friend Corey, who made my world so much bigger and helped me become the person that I wanted to be.
-Sacrf knitted by my Grandmother who passed on the art of knitting to me, lovingly and patiently (but I will never be the artisan she was) and made me appreciate what I have, instead of what I don’t have.
-Hat by my daughter Olivia, who is a powerful, smart young woman with an incredible sense of style, who makes me understand that there’s more than my way to get things done.
-Hand-made crochet cross body bag by my daughter Eleni, who is the most independent and creative mind I know.

There are so many more women in my life that shaped and inspired me, that I could wear a new tribute outfit every day for years. Let’s talk about them, learn from them, support them, connect them. Not just on World Women’s day. Every day.

©Julia Richter
©Julia Richter
©Julia Richter
©Julia Richter

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