It starts when we are born: ‘Its a boy/girl!’ And before we blink there is a pink or blue ribbon on a tiny wrist. Based on our primary sexual characteristics we get a label that dictates what colours to wear and how to behave for the rest of our lives. Female babies are addressed in a gentler voice than male babies. It’s a fact. In return girls are often underrated. They are not tough enough for certain things. Maybe we were to soft on them. And they can’t do maths.
I sometimes wonder what would happen if we wouldn’t put those coloured ribbons on their wrists. Or everyone would get a green ribbon instead! And til the age of ten they would just wear green, yellow and red (no poliitical manipulation intended). They would all have short hair. From a fashion point of view the colour palette would be a challenge, I admit. But wouldn’t it be extremely liberating at the same time? No more ‘Pink! That’s girl’s colour!’ or ‘Short hair? You don’t want to look like a boy!’ The gender roles that we used to grow into would slowly dissappear. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s that simple. Maybe a green ribbon wouldn’t change a thing. And certainly there is no simple solution to the ‘gender problem’. M/F/X, LGBPT*IAQ….hello labeling, here you are! But wouldn’t it be lovely if every individual person could just decide for him-(or her) self who he (or she) wants to be? Who she (or he) wants to love? How he/she/it wants to live? I am well aware that you can’t solve such a complex social issue with a different choice of clothes or hair style. But it could be a start. Hey, straight man, put on a pink t-shirt for a change and don’t be afraid people could think you are gay! Why should they. And what’s wrong with gay anyway?
When girls can wear short hair and baggy pants and boys can pin up their hair and wear leggings without being judged – that will be the day when the word ‘equality’ gets a new meaning.




I second that!

I guess this is one of my favorite posts on this blog. I need to look at it from time to time just to make sure it’s still there and still beautiful 🙂 I’m never disappointed

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